Fengjia Night Market
The Fengjia Night Market is one of Taichung's famous commercial business districts, covering approximately one kilometer in diameter around Feng Chia University and includes the Fengjia-Wenhua Night Market, Fengjia Rd., and Fuxing Rd. In this CBD, you can find delicious snack foods, quality clothes at reasonable prices to express your unique personality, and the trendiest mobile phones at excellent bargain prices. After the Department of Transportation made great efforts to tackle the parking problems, it has become much easier to park your car or motorcycle at the Fengjia Night Market. Now you can enjoy a relaxing visit here without worrying about not finding a parking space.
National Museum of Natural Science
As one of the most heavily attended museums in Taiwan, and one of the most attended venues in Taichung, the Museum is in the distinguished company of the National Palace Museum in Taipei and the National Science and Technology Museum in Kaohsiung.
Across 22 exquisite acres, the Museum is a six-venue complex housing the Space IMAX Theater, Science Center, Life Science Hall, Human Cultures Hall (the original Chinese Science Hall), Global Environment Hall and the Botanical Garden, excluding the Earthquake Museum in Wufong. Over 30 permanent exhibit areas cover subjects on astronomy, space science, paleontology, ecology, gems and minerals, Taiwanese Aborigines, and tropical plants. Rotating special exhibits are a constant occurrence. It is also a place filled with hands-on exhibits that will delight children and adults of all ages. The Museum is also a major science learning center with over a half million school children visiting annually.
National Taiwan Museum of Fine Arts
The Taiwan Museum of Art, which opened in 1988, has a total of 24 exhibition halls. The museum regularly holds exhibitions of Western art, Chinese brush paintings, and sculpture, and has its own collection of valuable pieces of art. Residents can relax in the garden outside the museum.
Park Lane Shopping Mall
Among Taichung's newer shopping malls, Park Lane by CMP is ideally located in West District at the corner of GongYi Road and the JingGuo Boulevard greenbelt, opposite Citizen's Square (People's Park) and witin easy walking distance of the TaiZhongGang (Taichung Port) Road commercial district.  This striking structure has also gained national fame as a "green building" that features outside and indoor walls made up of thousands of living plants.The mall's main tenant is a large, third-floor Eslite bookstore.  Other floors contain a variety of upscale boutiques, shops, restaurants, cafes and a supermarket.  Several upper floors also contain a large public parking lot.
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