The LDC’14 will be held at National Chung Hsing University (6th Floor of Library, Conference Room) in Taichung City, Taiwan, ROC

1.Main Gate
3.Hui-Sun Auditorium
4.Student Center
5.Old Auditorium
6.Yin-Lu Guest House
7.Coniferous Tree District
8.Hung Tao Building
9.Non-Print Media Center
10.Women's Dormitory
11.Women's Dormitory
12.Women's Dormitory
13.Women's Dormitory
14.Faculty Dormitory
15.Post Office
16.Faculty Dormitory
17.Agricultural Economics Building 2A
18.Graduate Institute of Biotechnology
19.Food Science Building
20.Food Processing Plant
21.Science & Engineering Building
22.Forestry Building
23.Water & Soil Conservation Building
24.Agronomy Building
25.Electric Engineering Building
26.Chemical Material Building
27.Botany Building
28.Electrical Engineering Building
29.Life Sciences Building
30.Administration Hall
31.Nan Garden
32.Teaching Complex Building
33.Faculty Dormitory
34.Tennis Court
35.Old Agriculture College Building
36.Civil & Environmental Engineering

37.Agricultural Machinery Building
38.Concrete Test & Research Center
39.Information science Building
40.Science College Building
41.Chemistry Building
42.Mechanical Engineering Building
43.Machine Shop
44.Innovation Incubator
45.Regional Instrument Center
46.Plant Science Building
47.Agricultural Environment Science Building
48.Green House
49.Green House
50.Horticultural Experiment Station
51.Chung Hsing Lake
53.Experimental Farm
54.Yun Ping Building
55.Animal Science Building
56.Veterinary Teaching Hospital
57.Veterinary Medicine Building
58.Experimental Farm for Agronomy Department
59.Animal Experiments Farm
60.Crop Science Laboratory
61.Indoor Swimming Pood
63.Tennis Court
64.Volleyball Court
65.Basketball Court
66.Sporting Court
67.Mail Room
68.Men's Dormitory
69.Men's Dormitory
70.Men's Dormitory
71.Men's Dormitory
72.Men's Dormitory